Tom Vek - Someone Loves You Lyrics
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    Someone Loves You

    I need a ride
    I need a ride out of here
    I need to think
    I need to stop and think of what

    It grabs my thoughts
    It brings me down
    Not that anyone cares

    And everything
    I ever try to do
    It takes it's time
    With days and nights, too

    I didn't know
    I cried and cried
    But it wasn't the same

    But someone loves you(x4)

    I find lives like this
    No fun, no fun
    No rays of light this time
    No hand-me-downs

    You shouldn't think of it all that much
    A whole world of things to touch
    I don't really know and I've seen everything

    But someone loves you(x4)

    But someone loves you(x8)


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