Touchline - Peace Hunting Lyrics
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    Peace Hunting

    [Part I]


    This isn't how you start something, this is how you finish it
    Everybody's hopes diminishing
    The realest thing and [?]
    Don't put the "GOAT" tag on anyone that isn't him
    When God threw me on the streets it wasn't littering
    Done being humble, the rap game is Royal Rumble
    You sit on your mommy's couch and buy your data bundle to hate on a nigga that really hustles?
    You gotta be ashamed
    Face [?] about to get rearranged
    Pockets gotta see Madiba's face, I mean old money
    My funds mature up until they see Madiba's age
    You daddy had a tender, your life was good at a tender age
    Of course!
    Sifak' i-tekkie sibangene
    Ngathi unga thandaza maw'lala uvuk' izinto zihlangene
    When you close your eyes I hope that God can show you something
    I'm happiness chasing, love persuing, peace hunting
    To be something, to be someone, is all I want
    Achieve omething, win something, be number one uyang'thola?
    High school bang'laga bathi angiyi ndawo
    Same ones at the mall that stop me when they see me now
    Y'all are only gonna love me when I really ball
    You gotta watch who you talking to like a video call
    The stack of money look like Robot Boii, really tall
    This pie is meant for sharing, no one can eat it all
    Careers running on E
    Your Betway will stay green if your money's on me
    You gotta do more target practice if you gunning for me
    Is it still winning if I'm the only one in my league? (Huh?)

    [Part II]

    What a year it was!
    Damn, there it was!
    The thing I searched so long for
    The thing I had to be so strong for
    What a time it is!
    Damn, there it is!
    The thing I searched so long for
    The thing I had to be so strong for
    Saxabanga le cherry that I wrote that song for
    You let her break your heart once, she comes with an encore, yeah
    I turned off my blue ticks
    Still read your message and I left it on two ticks, yeah
    What a year it was!
    RIP the ones that God took instead of us
    And while we pray for better phones and better cars
    Some people pray for one more moment with those they love
    Sifike singenalutho, now we afford new clothes
    Mina ngihlal' ethembeni, boy, ungan'donsel' istulo, you know?
    No free raps, I'm asking where the fee at, no Uno
    Came from nothing
    Sasebenza kwa bonakala
    Ngisa pressa, boy, konakala
    Penetrate i-game, ngishay' i-skoen don't need a rubber
    Ya cava the people love us
    We brothers, we need each other
    Trouble follows me where I go like a needy lover
    Bafun' indoda ezoba gibeza islahla
    Ibathengel' impahla ne data
    They grew up without daddies so you gotta understand when they pray "Our father" it slaps way harder
    Tears permanently on their face like Dwayne Carter
    Men you love always makes plans that you ain't part of
    Why you girls always picking flowers from the same garden?
    Now you gotta take turns like you using the same charger
    Every time I called you were out, uhamba ney'ntwana
    Every time your heart breaks, baby, it was straight karma
    I needed you to love me a few days longer
    And that's forever uyang'thola?


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