Trap Jayy - I Try Lyrics
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    I Try

    (Arc got the sauce!)
    (IllWill made the beat bounce)
    This life goes so far, it's really how you look at it, though
    Everybody got they own demons they fighting, got nothing else but to use them drugs
    But you just gotta keep pushing, look at this world in a new perspective, and for that, that should make you stronger throughout your whole story, because everybody got one
    Let's go (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

    [Verse 1]
    In and out my head, I’m tryna keep away these voices
    But all instead I’m entertained with all my choices
    Gotta maintain, balance it out, told my momma I'ma make her proud
    She sitting in the couch, she say "Jay, how we gon' make it out?"
    Don’t gotta worry, got a plan for you, momma
    Straight from the muscle, for my sister and my brothers (Yeah)
    They don’t understand it’s so hard from where I’m coming
    Fuck a friend, fuck a cap, we beat your head, don’t be a runner (Grrrah)
    Yeah, I could pop shit, lock shit, ain’t no do or die
    It’s a scheme, baby, please don’t give them what you need
    I got .30 round to it, I got niggas in the scene
    (I could pop shit, lock shit, ain’t no do or die)
    Always pushing, never riding it slow (Never riding it slow)
    If you gon' go, then go, whoa-oa
    Heartbreak up in the middle of the ocean (Yeah), this pain gotta be spoken (Yeah)
    I know the real recognize the truth (Yeah)

    I try to make myself a better living (I try)
    I try to find myself with all this healing (I try)
    I try to work the 9 to 5 (Yeah)
    That can’t be my drive, I know that I'ma thrive

    Yeah, I try, I try, I try
    Yeah, oooh, I try, I try, I try
    Yeah, and I try and I try
    And I try and I won’t stop

    [Verse 2]
    All-All these voices and these critics, put shit in my fitted
    Tell me, would you love me if I ain’t sit down for a couple minutes?
    Look up to my father 'cause he told me how to go and get it
    Started from scratch, no excuses, had to go and fix it

    Murder she wrote, yeah
    (I keep on going through these phases, promise I won’t change)
    Murder she wrote, yeah
    (Live by the truth I know it’s coming, staying in my lane)


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