Trouble - Intro Lyrics
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    Uh-heh, uh-heh
    It's the return, uh-heh
    BT, December 17th baby
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    BT, It’s the return
    Lemme go on and tell y'all in the backseat [?]
    All the people ridin' one time
    Who the fuck ridin?
    The Return of December 17th album, uh-heh
    You hearin’ that?
    I told my partner "pour the lean one time"
    Lemme pour that lean up, for real

    Pour the lean up, nigga
    I'm bout to feed your mind
    You ain't heard of skoob?
    Bout feed it to 'em
    Tell them niggas put some shit in on this shit though
    Hey, put some in, yo
    What you got there?

    This shit high as fuck
    Sixty-five [?]
    Sorry we got a minute to go anyway, uh-heh
    Uh-heh, [?] uh-heh, uh-heh
    Shouts out to all the motherfuckin' bricks, you know
    From the one, the two, the three and the four
    The five, the six, you know what it is, bitch
    Whoo! Uh-heh, uh-heh, uh-heh
    Shouts out to all them big booty freaks
    Round, brown, some ride me right now, like
    I know Trouble bout get that, I can't wait
    Niggas be goin' be crazy, know what I mean?
    And I am, you gon' be disappointed
    Shouts out to all my young niggas
    Don’t be no dumb niggas, throw ya life away shorty
    I’ll tell ya that, so all the folks kind've ignore me
    But surely I’ma keep goin' for ya
    So ride along with the hustla
    I'll tell ya 'bout the struggle
    Gotta be full, my friend, ain’t no standin' in the middle
    Now look around and see who's standin' with ya
    See who's standin' around
    See who's sittin' with ya
    Tell me who's sittin' down right now
    Yeah, they been gettin' with ya
    Was they around that time? Whoo!
    Now let it marinate, no hate
    Just for your sake, my partner

    And I don't even know you though
    I don't even know you
    Now think about it
    Man, this is for you listening to this right now
    I don't even know you, think about it
    I'm tellin' you some trill shit though
    You out here, hatin' on these folks hustle
    Sound like a buster to me, dawg

    Word to Skoob
    And you out here, hating' on another nigga to a bitch
    That what they doin?
    Sounds like a buster to me, dawg
    Word to Skoob
    And you out here, countin' the four pockets
    Wantin' the most bucks, for your own profits
    Sounds like a buster to me, dawg

    Word to Skoob, word to Skoob
    Word to Skoob


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