Tsu Surf - TSU Surf Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers - Freestyle #072 Lyrics

TSU Surf Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers - Freestyle #072 Lyrics

Tsu Surf
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    TSU Surf Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers - Freestyle #072

    I almost died a couple months ago, life a bitch
    Newark Jersey concrete raised by the bricks
    Spanish bitch I treat her right her pops supply the fish
    Ate a cop bitch pussy, felt like a snitch
    Smash ops, the nigga so used to gun it felt crazy when that bullet hit my stomach
    You rap it and don't want it
    These lyrics never done it
    I really turn hunters to the hundred
    When I catch him and they punish
    New place smell like sour milk
    The plug price just incredible a complimentary edibles is never know
    Tell her who gon’ [?] you just better to
    Push your chips in if you gon' better you
    Just try and get the message thru
    Write it out we really with the dumb shit without a doubt
    Told that bitch only me and my lawyer know my body count
    Being hitting niggas with that stainless steel
    Check my resume, stainless still
    Been a long time, my Tec say I get offended by the wrong signs
    I don't do no disses you could die over the wrong lines
    Only love my daughter and opposite bodies
    She want the Lean I hit the block got the wakie[?] from Mazi[?]
    If they ain’t really around there that's
    Not where you find me
    First Asian bitch in LA got me trying wasabi
    We demand all kind of respect
    What hurt more, the first bullet or not finding them yet?
    She said don't be sleeping with the
    Strap but I'm paranoid I needed when I
    Trying to focus on this rap but they try to pull me back
    Boy, worry bout this drip ain't got nothing in that sack
    A lot[?] do the [?] so no telling with the facts
    When It ain't no food the piranhas eat the weakest in the pack
    I know wolf hang with sheep
    I know fish hang with birds
    Would've been been dead if a nigga could die from worse
    I pull up on that bitch I'm wearing Nigga Nova
    Told my daughter shit be straight by the time she get older
    Enjoy now cuz eventually this shit get older
    And don’t let them judge you baby Cardi is big as Oprah

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