UC MULA - War Lyrics
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    UC, Like Mula
    These niggas they know I'm the one
    UC that shit huh
    Like 8-6, 860
    UC that shit huh
    Ahh, ahh, ahh

    Fuck dese niggas they know I’m the hardest
    Just look what I started
    Brothers with me, yeah they always with me
    Ready for war Like Marcus
    This that shit and yeah we get into dat
    Like what do these niggas jack
    Cuz you could get left on ya back
    It’s no love it get gritty
    Yeah nigga you could get ricky’d
    Like six feet, it get heavy
    Opps done bitch I'm smoking deadies
    It get deadly like nah, what? Oh they think it’s a song
    But dat shit dat we on, u ain’t wit us move along
    But fuck that, why they keep ducking they tacos
    Bullets too big it hit and leave a pot hole
    Who dat came thru with that hot flow
    Too many opps, that I do not know
    What is wit niggas they heavy on dick
    Be real no explainin this shit, ain’t got time for the shit
    Back out ya hands I'm a back out a blick
    Cut throat nigga like blade in this shit
    Ain’t no his saving his shit
    Whole lotta Mula, Go ku wit the licks
    I'm like Tank, mixed wit Floyd
    And these hammers they getting deployed
    Fuck all the talkin cuz we want it more and we uppin the score
    Too many chops who really want war?
    New opp cuz I’m bored, new whip, not a ford
    Come to my block, and you get explored
    Shots start hittin his is neck hit his chest and
    It don’t no matter if he was invested
    Stick up nigga the fuck is a pension
    Droppin my U you on need a C-section

    Like Glaah, Glaah, Two twin chops I might flock at ya
    Glaah, Glaah, Two twin chops I might flock at ya

    In my city these niggas outdated
    Fucked with me one time she say I'm amazin'
    For my city they know ima blaze shit
    Bro got the .38 spinning like brady
    Its no wonder my niggas so shady, we get the drop and throw about eighty
    And It’s UC that’s facts
    Don’t try to run put the beam on his back
    And no I’m not Chaz
    Count up the guap and then plot the attack
    For my set, put 'em all on the map
    Fuck the bitch, she call me her dad
    Do the race I cannot be last, bro still buggin' trynna catch a hat
    And I said what I said, pussy ass niggas better show respect
    I might boss for a check
    Too much the Mula, gotta watch for feds
    Did this shit for my self now all these bitches wanna throw the neck
    Turned to rapper, its not what I expected
    But we still managing the checking's
    Tote hella guns, hella Smith & Wesson's
    Ops keep dying they ain’t learn they lesson
    Like let’s talk all the facts
    When I’m on outside they know ima blast
    Smoking gas I get high like jetpack
    Too much ZA be fuckin' up my head
    Got me screaming that everything’s dead
    We hit 'em once and duck off through the back
    And the way I stretch money, fantastic
    Bro started dumping niggas ran like athletes
    Like, that's tuff, when you see us, better run
    Too many Glocks and too many drums
    We do a drill just for fun

    Grrr, aye, niggas know what time it is
    Like UC, Like Mula, Like Hexxxy
    CT stand the fuck up
    Drop my U its through

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