Ultra Shield - Updated/Antiquated Lyrics
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    Good evening, internet
    You have been invited here to celebrate Armageddon with us
    The defeat of Saturn will commence in three

    [Verse 1: Hank Chill]
    I just feel like I died
    You’re gone and I need you now
    Carry on
    But I know that I need you now

    Try to carry on you stick to my brain
    You’re like the glue to my heart when it breaks
    Can’t get rid of you just like a stain
    Can’t take the pressure now im going insane

    When I don’t have you then my soul feels drained
    Why did you lie to me I’d nеver do the same
    Why did I say thosе things I didn’t need to say
    When I don’t have you then the sky turns grey

    I try to call you I just wanna see your face
    I try to call you and I’m crying out your name
    I wanna see you and it’s driving me insane
    I wanna see you but you never come my way

    [Verse 2: Cyberbully2037]
    Can you help me get it back
    Babe I think we got faded
    Can you take can you take me back
    Cause I feel so updated
    I'm antiques you’re in new maps
    All the green green hills get graded
    Slide down way down my back
    Man I might feel my ages
    And I can tell your feeling bad
    I can see I can see the hatred
    You feel better when I'm mad
    But I don't get frustrated
    I see them, I see it bad
    But I can't turn the pages
    Don't get angry baby, be glad
    That I can't ever change this
    I feel anything at all
    You wrap me up in weighted
    Blankets when I get that cold
    Oh I feel antiquated


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