Utah Phillips - Daddy, What's a Train? Lyrics
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    Daddy, What's a Train?

    Daddy, What's a train? Is it something I can ride?
    Does it carry lots of grown up folks and little kids inside
    Is it bigger than our house? - oh, how can I explain
    When my little boy asks me, "Daddy, what's a train?"

    I remember when I was a boy living by the track
    Us kids'd gather up the coal in a great big gunny sack
    And then we'd hear the warning sound as the train pulled into
    And the engineer would smile and wave as she went rolling through
    She blew so loud and clear
    That we covered up our ears
    And counted cars as high as we could go
    I can almost hear the steam
    And the big old drivers scream
    With a sound my little boy will never know
    I guess the times have changed and kids are different now
    Some don't even seem to know that milk comes from a cow
    My little boy can tell the names of all the baseball stars
    And I remember how we memorized the names on railroad cars
    The Wabash and TP
    Lackawana and IC
    Nickel Plate and the good old Sante Fe
    Names out of the past
    And I know they're fading fast
    Everytime I hear my son look up and say

    Well, we climbed into the car and drove down into the town
    Right up to the depot house but no one was around
    We searched the yard together for something I could show
    But I knew there hadn't been a train for a dozen years or so
    All the things I did
    When I was just a kid
    How far away the memories appear
    And it's plain enough to see
    They mean a lot to me
    'Cause my ambition was to be an engineer


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