Utah Phillips - Pig Hollow Lyrics
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    Pig Hollow

    Slow rolling freight from the South Ogden yard
    Easing along down the line
    The Pig Hollow jungle camp wings into view
    You roll off and here's what you find

    The ruins and ashes lie scattered around
    The jungle is empty and bare
    The shanties and tents are all burned to the ground
    Not a fire or a friend anywhere

    A rich man he lives in a house made of stone
    High on a hill looking down
    A poor man he lives in a tarpaper shack
    Way out on the back side of town

    But a rich man don't worry about his fine house
    It's protected like you never saw
    While a poor man gets railroaded out by the cops
    And his house gets burned down by the law

    A poor man is fighting for all that he has
    He stands with his back to the wall
    A rich man he spends nearly half of his life
    Just chasing a little white ball

    But a rich man he says that Pig Hollow must go
    It's a place where the crooks rendezvous
    But don't you suppose if you burned down the bank
    You might flush a scoundrel or two?

    And don't you suppose if a bum with a torch
    Set fire to some big fancy hall
    The cops'd come down like a blood-thirsty hound
    And flat nail his hide to the wall?

    It seems like the laws are all made for the rich
    They've got you boys, win, lose or draw;
    Try as you may to keep out of their way
    You just get burned out by the law


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