Veeze - Long Live Lyrics
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    Long Live

    Dae, that's like my nephew, man, I love him to death
    Ray, that's my nigga, we like Smokey and Craig
    I'm glad that's yo' nigga and you love him to death
    Stand closer to that nigga when I'm bustin' the TEC
    It's crazy I'ma still hope for the best
    No matter how many niggas want me to fail
    Veeze Lil Uzi, all my homies is dead
    I say fuck my problems when I open the seal
    Tat Oink Boyz so I know that it's real
    She said she got a nigga, but don't want me to tell
    I want you to fuck on me and fuck on my mans
    I want P to go on the run, say fuck the feds
    Pussy-ass nigga get no love like Los said
    I'm going slow, she think I'm makin' love, but I'm on meds
    These niggas silly illy on they skin, I can smell
    Like I'm from Philly, when a pack come in, I break a bale
    Like Curry with the 30, I'll make a nigga fall
    Hard work pays off, nigga, I'ma whip the soft
    Yeah, I know who killed yo' homie, but it's never gettin' solved
    I can see me gettin' the chair 'cause I ain't a snitch at all
    Me and Yodie back to back with Sosa, we in foreign cars
    You can talk, but can't back it up, I call yo' ass Lavar
    You got hate up in your heart, nigga, that's your biggest flaw
    I can tell your bitch wanna fuck like I got crystal ball

    Nigga, long live the Navy
    Long live the—
    Long, long long live the—
    Long live the


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