VIC MENSA - Vic Mensa Freestyle (2018) | LA Leakers Freestyle #047 Lyrics

Vic Mensa Freestyle (2018) | LA Leakers Freestyle #047 Lyrics

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    Vic Mensa Freestyle (2018) | LA Leakers Freestyle #047

    South side to the south of France
    I just got off a flight from Cannes
    A couple weeks before I was on a plane to Japan
    I'm rockin' Louis but I'm Gucci, shout to Dapper Dan
    Just bought a crib in the white hood, I ain't talkin' 'bout the Klan
    Fuck a hit single, I'm a million dollar man
    They wipe away with the waves like castles made of sand
    I'm jus' sayin', I made my foundation, laid the blueprint
    A lot of niggas made moves, Vic made a movement
    Fertilized my green, I mean I came from the bullshit
    Triple beam in the wall, I was tryin' to make home improvements
    But if niggas want to get ratchet, I'm Tim the tool man
    Give you a lead belly like a lick from a blues man
    My hittas pull up on the crime scene like a news van
    Hit your body, have you doing burpees like you in bootcamp
    Tryin' to stay nonviolent, I'm still St. Laurent stylin'
    And we slangin' hydroponic, that shit that Dre called 'chronic'
    Doper than a eight ball and he got soul like he The Delfonics
    E'ything paid fo', all my girls trip like Tiffany Haddish
    Put my sister in a mansion, put my momma on a island, yeah
    School of hard knocks, we was magna cum laude
    I came up of off 0-4-7, yeah, Hyde Park on my back, yeah
    Your money 4 foot 7, yeah, my shit tall like Shaq, yeah
    My clique ball like Steph and 'em, I got hoes like Hef and 'em
    I be euro steppin', ballin' in Paris like ain't no reffin' him
    Crossin' the border like Mexicans and he still got that pack on him
    Straight out the 'Raq like Keef and 'em, better yet, like Phil Jackson and 'em
    And I don't even practice, tatted all up on me like Iverson
    In LA like I'm a Dodgers fan, my leather soft like a moccasin, yeah
    She want Pappadeaux, uh, I took her to Papa John's
    We just left out Hakkasan with 8 hoes, that's a octogon
    I still got shottas that'll let them choppers blow like operas, yeah
    Symphony, orchestra, timpani drum when
    The 223 slaughter ya, you gon' need a carpenter
    A coroner to talk to ya and go build you a coffin up
    And my girl like Meghan Markle, you can't talk to her
    I'm a king so salute me like a royal officer
    My shooters ain't got no hobby, uh, pull up on you in the lobby, uh
    And they ain't gon' shoot the W sign boy they gon' shoot yo body, uh
    Niggas be thinkin' they He-Man, make 'em do the BlocBoy JP dance, yeah
    Off-White 3 bands, call Virgil, now that's free bands
    Bitch I'm so next season, I got Giuseppe makin' me custom Zanotti sneakers
    Uh, yeah
    On 'em I'm only bleedin', my flow Kotex bleedin'
    Bitch I'm God in the flesh, I feel like Hotep breathin'
    I Bowflex, biceps, both pecs, triceps
    Tote techs, my whole set bounty hunters, Boba Fett
    Bitch I'm a dog, Doberman, my red rag, republican
    That boy bad, Puff and 'em, that boy swag, that boy past
    That boy the shit, excrement


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