Victim of Fate - Fantasy Is Gone Lyrics
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    Fantasy Is Gone

    There is no more of this old cruel world
    All of this has just been done
    We all know it, we keep falling
    All fantasy is dead and gone

    By the ages we're been playing the pawns
    It's a game and we're waiting the dawn
    All the blood shed and lives thrown away
    It's all part of a god's master plan
    In this planet there are no survivors
    Everybody has just lost their faith
    There is no escape, we reached no gold
    And all the fantasy is gone

    Bring out pain and the faith of a god
    Then slave us and make it our fault
    You are thе justice and the moral judge
    Keep us blindеd and then rape all our thoughts
    By the ages we're been playing the pawns
    Game is over, we're waiting the dawn
    Is there a escape? Is death the gold?
    When the fantasy is dead and gone


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