West Coast Elites - King Malcolm Jamal vs. Coffee Brown Lyrics
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    King Malcolm Jamal vs. Coffee Brown

    [Round: King Malcolm Jamal]
    Y'all ready? Alright
    (Hold it down, let him go)
    I knew as soon as that coin got flipped that I'da been cursed maybe
    She picked heads, went tails or whatever, and now that made me first, baby
    I'm like, damn, 'cause even if it was vice versa in the display be
    We'd still be hard pressed to find if we set ladies first on the display, B

    *Pause in the round*

    [Round: King Malcom Jamal]
    You look like you shoulda been born a boy
    Y'all know I got to be ill right off with her
    I'm glad you didn't wear a dress 'cause that whole shit would have looked off kiltеr
    Fake lashes, fake nails, fakе hair
    Look like she came to battle with some kind of off filter
    It'll snap if I *Chh* where she at
    Bang! It wouldn't fix her face even if it got filters
    I'ma kill her but what you know about your baby mom's being the reason that your kids are awarded to state?
    Trill talk, I got an autistic daughter and she was dropped on her brain
    CPS came running through then her and her siblings went to the county of L.A.
    Cold game 'cause I did everything they asked and they still gave me a hard time the whole case
    For two years I was fightin' to get them out of foster care
    A place where black kids die every day
    So yes, I faced some killers and I have yet to be erased
    'Cause of course they the biggest killers
    So everyday this like lookin' death in the face
    And when I see you it's not killer in your eyes
    Just dicks in your mouth, so fuck what she gotta say
    This light—, this light—, this light needs candles, oh-oh
    I'm just tryin' to set the mood with it
    Excuse the rudeness, she said that we can duel so I interlude with it
    Brought Katana to the skit so I enter lewd
    Get it? My muse sick
    Get her and death in tune with it
    I'm the genuine draft like Q. Miller
    'Cause the last place she'd be E.R. 'cause we just brewed different
    No matter which craft she use I'm a wizard so it's useless against 'em
    'Cause you know in this scenario witchcraft loses against one
    I got RBGs ready for war so this whole battle rap shit don't worry us
    We got an arsenal so big they'll get rid of a league of Ultimate Warriors
    I'm native to this shit so they got to dump the .4 in her
    Before the morning come my M.O. is earning the coroner
    I could be the best part of you waking up
    You know, fold your legs and make Coffee cream when she [?]
    Oh my god, that's 'cause M "G" 'cause every bar is to mix her
    See I really see her as a dream
    But she want the flame to roast her
    Well, them aiming at Coffee beans!
    She don't like the Coffee flips? Fine
    I'll use cough then
    Coff' drops from a round to the throat
    The halls where she was offed in
    Next to coffin 'cause that's where C offish
    You went from a C offer to that chick that you don't see often
    I roll up on Coffee grounds supercharged up
    I heard she in [?] so I skate on her, that's Stardust!
    Illuminating the constellations, that means I'm shooting the stars up
    But for this green this queen gets a round like the logo from Starbucks
    I know your last opponent ain't show but you got moxie, Brown
    Whitney with that pipe on her lip, she got that Bobby Brown
    I ain't sayin' you a ratchet but you know what's poppin' downtown
    With that Ill Na Na, but that ain't foxy, Brown
    I expected to hear something like Pam Greer, not Fantasia when you said Coffee Brown
    But y'all done switched my whole mood up, oh well
    She'll have to do for now
    I pay for a ride to lift up this bird
    I Uber foul
    Even if this chick duck it's still murder like when crows group around
    Cool it now 'cause in a food fight you wouldn't bust a used grape
    No need for two fours 'cause I could still get you ate
    Have my sis put the MAC on her, assume I can't get you slayed
    I'll have them come in and send you aid
    Was that a reach? Yup, like right before a wake and bake
    I got the passion of trill kings plus the vengeance and rage
    What I spit'll ghost writers, Nicolas Cage
    She say she got fire off the dome, cool
    M.J.'ll cover it in flames
    You think her cause be a threat ‘cause I don't sweat her?
    Or this [?], she'll get drug after I peel to leave her soul, codeine
    Her words are exed out so when I write I O.D.
    Optician talk on the low ‘cause another name for the right eye is O.D.
    Fuck a piece of her dome *Phew-phew*
    Katana with the whole dome piece
    That's dope, see, they get a dose and that get me more fiends
    She try to push my buttons, I don't feel nothin', morphine
    ‘Cause I'm [?] with a mega sword like I been morphing
    Heavy dumping ‘cause I used T.P. to write this shit
    ‘Cause I can't relax a bit, steady coming out like a laxative
    She said the toy let off *Pshh*
    She just crackin' shit
    Porcelain, knocked off her roof
    Then plastered it!
    Or dagger down the center, the meridian accurate
    Split her in two even halves and that ain't even the half of it
    ‘Cause wherever the G at she catch an “L” in
    See, her death actually lit
    Just that's code for: she got her dumb ass smoked on some Beazt Gatlin shit!
    Abortion clinics, the plan be simply to get rid of this kid
    After an arm hit her Arnetta is finessed on her death certificate
    ‘Cause what I clutch will spin her crown
    Right before death enter in
    Yeah, she's so outspoken but not elite
    So why invest in this chick and now it's looking like
    Eighteen minutes into a sitcom ‘cause they ain't catch half of it
    Gatlin, Finesse, Clutch
    I'm using elites to kill this average chick
    Plus the gatlin' really smoke her like an L
    See her death actually lit ‘cause after I lash out I smoke the L that I put her ashes in
    But trill talk, all jokes aside, you got a nice shape
    And your melanin active, truth
    But you like one of them females, dog, that think being called a bad bitch is cool
    Probably call your homegirls female dogs
    Then gets smashed when she hear it from a dude
    Disrespecting your own self as the world continues to disrespect you
    But as a king I usually apologize for the things I spew
    But if you have a daughter I hope she's not a thing like you
    ‘Cause you a dutch that's split up, you split like a dutch is
    So the queen not you unless she got a shotgun to her lips
    Baow! The king got you ‘cause any star could get bucked
    But I don't do Coffee Day
    This is one round, five minutes
    Barely counts as a coffee break
    But off you, ‘cause I'ma challenge the kings before I leave the stage
    Hashtag, battle a queen
    And do it without calling her a name ‘cause I got skills
    So when I'm spewin' them bars out it's all trill
    So they feelin' what I'm talkin' about
    (What is it?)
    Beams, nigga!

    [Round: Coffee Brown]
    So you said I look like I was born a man so you know it's on
    Kick the door down, put the metal to your kid like here your extra chromosome
    We know your type
    So why you come here tryin' to act hard
    It's ironic I'm the only bitch on the card
    I'm battling the only bitch on the card!
    So this battle was automatic ‘cause your career lookin' like the gear stuck
    Nigga, I came with a stick, I'm giving you a break
    ‘Cause the best you ever did was Clutch
    If you with your bitch before she blink or bump her gettin' tagged
    I bounce off like airbags, Street Racer
    The way I be up in your whip with three straps
    These jeans got the MAG in ‘em so you been dodgin'
    Like I wouldn't pull up and find him
    My hands on a nine and five when I come through, I'm perfect driving!
    All battle long you better stay in your lane, man
    ‘Cause if I catch you in L.A. traffic with this five and clock
    I bet everything but my gun jam
    It's a shame we had to come to this
    ‘Cause your last battle versus Luis
    Nigga, that was Home Depot and immigrants
    ‘Cause you pulled up, put the money out and got that work from a Mexican
    I swear to God in this game it's like it's segregate
    Cali [?] from them ‘cause in battle rap you niggas not goin' in
    But you call yourself the King
    You call yourself the King and you reppin' Beams, right?
    Nigga, if I pull a beam out I'm takin' a Beam out
    I be out, you gonna need a D.R
    I'll give King somethin' to dream ‘bout!
    You know if you spell “beam” and take the B out and add the D.R. that spelt…
    I told Finesse I needed a worthy battle, this shit got me enraged
    If it's conflicts be a player for life, don't get engaged
    I came to expose a faggot, make sure his empire dyin'
    If you say otherwise King Malcolm Jamal lyin'
    I needed a plate, this battle couldn't have came no sooner
    You died battling a nigga named Clutch
    So what make you think you can handle a real shooter?
    Nigga, if you die it's no love in Hip-Hop, it's goin' down
    I don't fuck with Atlanta, bro
    I don't believe in putting my piece down
    When I perform lettin' shots ring it's a big show, Paul Wright
    You better been sleep all day, nigga, this gon' be a long night
    All my niggas strapped like a dike party but they'll still fight
    So you can still get this Smith like Will's wife
    I'll put the piece to your dreams like Luther since you want to be a king
    Think bull piercin', these rounds gon' hang out the bottom when that nose ring
    I will blow on this nigga where your body gon' be the riddle
    I'll bury you three feet deep, that's how I put Malcolm in the middle!
    Being all philosophical wasn't gon' save you tonight in case you ain't know
    Using big words'll get you clapped at, keep it concealed on the low
    So if you talk big I'ma sound it out meaning the steel a blow
    Some of y'all shaking your head like that was a reach
    Mothafucka I know, I started a riot in L.A. at my battle on Riot L.A.
    Nigga, but faggot if you think you got heart I'll turn this shit into post and I'm M.I.A.
    Y'all know ‘cause Post got sprayed up in—
    Ron gassed you, nigga
    Now the Riot's got the First Lady on this bitch
    You'll get the burner from Coffee
    That's my bad, I ain't check the temperature ‘fore I gave him a sip
    With the can I'll give him the Trayvon treatment
    All in your hood, fella, or get you made and have some Mafia niggas throw you in the trunk
    If you ain't good, fella (It's easy)
    You a cool dude but your bars be so trash to me
    Like how the fuck you got seven kids, still ain't got no delivery?
    Ironically, you call yourself reppin' the I's and E's
    Nigga, I was almost named Speed Bump, I was made for the streets
    I'ma real I.E. baby, everybody know me
    You ain't no rep, you a weirdo …
    I don't got no fuckin' punch for that
    But trying to speak on behalf of I.E. niggas, I'll get you punched for that
    If we roll up we smokin' everything for the paper, I ain't got no blunt for that
    To battle me tonight you had to get on this card to battle me tonight
    You doing that bad
    But you get in and think you be fuckin' it up
    And that's sad
    But it's typical of a [?] dick nigga to claim bodies he doesn't have
    Let's keep it real, your whole career is straight trash
    Hot air balloon, that gas is the only reason you flyin' past
    But who am I to judge you, nigga?
    Keep pretending, the only thing these guns registered for is to stay away from children
    I been banging my .40s since sixteen, we was sex offendin'!
    (You don't know ‘bout that)
    I was raised around Crips and grimy niggas that a pop they own brother
    My Locs was poppin' opps in bed
    Buggin' on blood, sucker
    But where I'm from that's a normal thing when you check them white covers
    (Y'all know: white sheets, bed bugs, blood suckin')
    (It's different, it's different)
    Dina niggas and Dino niggas, it's a difference
    Like all my niggas pack and carry, they'll be at your door deliverin'
    You ain't get it then, watch me flip it then
    These guns work like warehouses when we on missions
    Pull in, unload, reload, unload, pull off
    Whole squad fit for warehouse positions
    You see the difference? Your bitch ain't got no ass
    You ain't grippin' nothin'
    Bitch, I grew up around rounds and sticks
    My niggas wasn't drummin'
    My mama [?] in the bathroom with the crack out and broken pipe
    She wasn't plumbin'
    I was ridin' around busting money shots
    Niggas wasn't comin'
    (You don't know ‘bout that)
    Nigga, my uncles was in the kitchen cooking yams, only day off was Thanksgiving
    When you was out Christmas shopping we was robbing people Christmas
    See the difference?
    Mama saw the path that I led, it was so fuckin' vived
    So she used to whoop my ass but it ain't make a difference
    If it's beef—, if it's beef—, if it's beef let me know, nigga
    That's debt consolidation, you gon' make me pull up with this forty
    I'll give you thirty like we negotiating
    Anybody that say Coffee ain't nice after this battle best believe they hatin'
    So cosigners getting they cards pulled and punched for validatin'
    It's gon' be a long night for you, nigga
    I told you that, remember?
    But it ain't gon' be nothing pretty when I Ricky this nigga
    I got a all black bald head, I'll let it sing like Pleasure P
    But my crew will give you more than a few hits
    Them blue stars if you grind on me
    You was talkin' ‘bout I had a daughter
    Nigga, I got a son to raise
    So I be trying to lead by example before emotional bitch ass niggas like this one
    Try to lead by example
    This Coffee came with treys
    You a get picked off, this ain't no sample
    Nigga, fuck Cali Beams
    If y'all ain't talkin' right we a left somethin'
    All my niggas in Cali got beams on ‘em, rep somethin'
    Think bodybuilding the way we got them guns out
    Ready to press somethin', rep somethin'
    Come back and air again if we think we left somethin'
    My raps be Cosby, I barge the fuck out of a bitch
    I just gave you that bar so y'all know what come after this
    It's Coffee break, nigga!


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