WhiteBoyEm - Kai Cenat Diss* Lyrics
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    Kai Cenat Diss*

    [Intro: Kai Cenat & WhiteBoyEm]
    Guess what, guess what (What)
    You a fuckin' bitch ****
    Eat my dick ****, yeah

    Grrah, grrah, grrah
    Grrah, grrah, boom

    The fuck is a Kai
    Leprachaun in the sky
    Twenty years old, five-foot-two
    Bro, go get you some height
    Or maybe go get yourself some hair
    'Cause we know them dreads are fake
    Talking real crazy on WhiteBoyEm
    That's a little mistake
    The fuck is a Duke
    Got cold with the two
    Smoking on AMP
    I might as well diss their whole crew
    Kailim, the fuck is a fandom
    You get beat with the hammer (Hammer)
    This guy doesn't jammer
    Like grrah!
    The fuck is a Duke, the fuck is a Kai
    I smell my opps, AMP!
    We know we go slide

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