​xxri - ​hannah’s cool epic amazing wow 2020 listening log Lyrics

​hannah’s cool epic amazing wow 2020 listening log Lyrics

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    ​hannah’s cool epic amazing wow 2020 listening log

    by month (and in order!!) this year wooo
    * = transcriber / page contributor

    first song of the year: don't stop me now by queen


    Rare (2020) by Selena Gomez
    *Kindergarten (2020) by chloe moriondo
    HiLo (2018) by Jack Stauber
    *Ghost (Remixes) (2019) by Au/Ra & Alan Walker
    the masquerade (the edits) (2019) by mxmtoon
    No. 6 Collaborations Project (2019) by Ed Sheeran
    + (2011) by Ed Sheeran
    You've Got A Friend In Me (2019) by Cavetown
    Here's Your Song (2020) by Chloe Lilac
    *all the things i never said (2020) by Tate McRae
    *fever dream (2020) by mxmtoon
    I Lost a Friend (2019) by FINNEAS
    Angels - EP (2014) by Crywolf
    Narrated For You (2018) by Alec Benjamin
    16/04/16 (2016) by Cavetown
    Dear. (2018) by Cavetown
    Animal Kingdom (2019) by various artists
    Pony (2019) by Rex Orange County
    i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it (2016) by The 1975
    beerbongs & bentleys (2018) by Post Malone
    Intertwined - EP (2016) by dodie

    So Much More Than This (Cover) (2018) by Cavetown
    tbh just Cavetown's entire YouTube channel
    i love suffering (2018) by mxmtoon
    my name is steve and i'm in love (2017) by mxmtoon
    Cavetown (2015) by Cavetown
    Blood Harmony (2019) by FINNEAS
    Ms. California (2020) by Beach Bunny
    No Time To Die (2020) by Billie Eilish
    Honeymoon (2020) by Beach Bunny
    Sweet Tooth (2020) by Cavetown
    Copy Cat (2020) by Melanie Martinez & Tierra Whack
    Always - Alan Walker Remix (2020) by Gavin James
    At The Door (2020) by The Strokes
    Somethin' Stupid (1967) by Frank Sinatra
    BALLADS 1 (2018) by Joji
    A Sweet Song (2019) by St. Arnaud
    Through and Through (2017) by khai dreams
    Angel (2019) by FINNEAS
    *fever dream (acoustic) (2020) by mxmtoon
    *Ghost Adventure Spirit Orb (2020) by chloe moriondo
    Bad Decisions (2020) by The Strokes
    About Love (2020) by MARINA
    Out Like A Light (2017) by The Honeysticks
    I Will Be Okay - EP (2017) by mimi bay

    Lover (2019) by Taylor Swift
    Heavy/Twist (2019) by Dizzy
    Comedown Machine (2013) by The Strokes
    Micropop (2019) by Jack Stauber's Micropop
    Sidelines (2020) by Laura Dreyfuss
    Better Drugs (2019) by Laura Dreyfuss
    *quiet motions (2020) by mxmtoon
    fever dream (Shawn Wasabi remix) (2020) by mxmtoon
    Fine Line (2019) by Harry Styles
    *Obvious (2020) by Chloe Lilac
    Norman Fucking Rockwell! (2019) by Lana Del Rey
    Kid Krow (2020) by Conan Gray
    *sucks to be heather (rewrite cover) (2020) by dalynn
    I Miss My Mum (2020) by Cavetown
    *Sleepyhead (2020) by Cavetown

    Broken (2020) by OTR & Au/Ra
    ~how i'm feeling~ (2020) by Lauv
    The New Abnormal (2020) by The Strokes
    *Ideas (2020) by Au/Ra
    After Laughter (2017) by Paramore
    finding it hard to smile (2018) by lovelytheband
    *Troubadour (2009) by KNAAN x
    *you broke me first (2020) by Tate McRae
    midnight love (2020) by girl in red
    Level of Concern (2020) by twenty one pilots
    *Crystal Spray - Remastered (2020) by Kittydog
    Homesick (2020) by Cavetown
    Wannabewithu (2016) by Cuco
    *dawn (2020) by mxmtoon
    *Spirit Orb - EP (2020) by Chloe Moriondo
    Moderation (2020) by Chloe Lilac
    We Are Warriors (2020) by Avril Lavigne
    The Pains of Growing (2018) by Alessia Cara
    This Summer (2019) by Alessia Cara

    Savage Remix (2020) by Megan Thee Stallion
    Say So Remix (2020) by Doja Cat
    So Will I (2020) by Ben Platt
    Selfish (2020) by Madison Beer
    As She Pleases (2018) by Madison Beer
    Bad Ideas (2019) by Tessa Violet
    Type 2 (Remix) (2020) by Rence & Chloe Lilac
    *Toys (2020) by Sophia Anne Caruso
    Sing To Me Instead (Deluxe) (2020) by Ben Platt
    Things I Wanted To Tell You (2020) by Kina
    Selfish (Alan Walker Remix) (2020) by Madison Beer
    Hooky Original Soundtrack

    Empires on Fire (2017) by BANNERS
    *dawn - the edits (2020) by mxmtoon
    Lumine Original Soundtrack
    Dead (2015) by blackbear
    Fire Drill (2020) by Melanie Martinez
    *The Introduction (2018) by KIRA
    HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 IN INDONESIA [Live] (2014) by various artists
    Dual Duel (from Room Of Swords) (2018) by Abraham Jauregui
    *vicious (2020) by Tate McRae
    walk but in a garden (2020) by Llusion featuring mxmtoon

    *1, 2 (chloe moriondo edit) (2020) by mxmtoon
    *Digital Girl (2020) by KIRA
    *Rise Up Nation (2020) by KIRA
    Hot Rod (2018) by Dayglow
    Home (2017) by Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha
    If The World Was Ending (2019) by JP Saxe
    honestly i've just been replaying the same six songs over and over that's why there's not much in june or july
    *bon iver (2020) by mxmtoon
    my future (2020) by Billie Eilish
    *Save Myself (2020) by Ashe

    Eastside (2018) by benny blanco, Halsey, Khalid
    21 (2020) by Gracie Abrams
    Freak (2020) by Doja Cat
    minor (2020) by Gracie Abrams
    CPC OST by Lambcat
    *DOUCHEBAG (2020) by Chloe Lilac
    Silence (2017) by Marshmello & Khalid
    Fuzzybrain (2018) by Dayglow
    Before You Go (2019) by Lewis Capaldi
    GIANTS (2019) by True Damage
    *THE BADDEST (2020) by K/DA (k/da world domination!!)
    Surrender (2015) by Natalie Taylor
    Oh my god (English Version) (2020) by (G)I-DLE
    Jelly (2017) by Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)
    *I Want To Be With You (2020) by chloe moriondo
    The Space Between a Rock and a Hard Place (2015) by 5 Seconds of Summer
    *don't be sad (2020) by Tate McRae
    Baby (2020) by Madison Beer
    Ship In A Bottle (2017) by Steffan Argus
    Helltaker OST

    aurora (2018) by Bea Miller
    What They'll Say About Us (2020) by FINNEAS
    folklore (2020) by Taylor Swift
    ​is your bedroom ceiling bored? (2020) by Sody & Cavetown
    Smoke Signals (2020) by Cavetown & Tessa Violet
    Homesick (2020) by Cavetown
    *ok on your own (2020) by mxmtoon
    What The Hell (2020) by OR3O
    I Got You (2019) by Maddie Jay
    Inner Monologue Part 1 (2019) by Julia Michaels
    Inner Monologue Part 2 (2019) by Julia Michaels
    Micropop (2019) by Jack Stauber
    *After School (2020) by Melanie Martinez
    K-12 (After School - Deluxe Edition) (2020) by Melanie Martinez
    Lush (2012) by Mitski
    *Always Human OST (2017) by walkingnorth
    *Aerial Magic S1 (2018) by walkingnorth
    *Aerial Magic S1 (2019) by walkingnorth

    *dusk (2020) by mxmtoon
    *you broke me first (Luca Schreiner Remix) (2020) by Tate McRae
    LEMONS (2020) by Brye featuring Cavetown
    Come True (2018) by khai dreams
    Retired From Sad, New Career In Business (2013) by Mitski
    Bury Me at Makeout Creek (2014) by Mitski
    Puberty 2 (2016) by Mitski
    Be The Cowboy (2018) by Mitski
    Cop Car (2020) by Mitski
    Haunt You (2020) by X Lovers featuring chloe moriondo
    How Was Your Day? (2020) by beabadoobee
    Baby (Syn Cole Remix) (2020) by Madison Beer
    WISH U WERE... (2020) by Claud
    quietly (2020) by dalynn
    Say So/Like That (Mashup) (2020) by Doja Cat
    saintmotelevision (2016) by Saint Motel
    i miss u (2020) by Jax Jones & Au/Ra
    Fake (2020) by Lauv and Conan Gray
    *lie to me (2020) by Tate McRae & Ali Gatie
    wisdom teeth (2020) by Bea Miller
    love is not dying (2020) by Jeremy Zucker
    Words Ain't Enough (2020) by Tessa Violet & chloe moriondo
    Fake It Flowers (2020) by Beabadoobee
    Sharpener (2020) by Cavetown
    elated! (2020) by Bea Miller
    *MORE (2020) by K/DA

    *Beetlejuice: The Demos (2020) by Eddie Perfect
    positions (2020) by Ariana Grande
    *ALL OUT (2020) by K/DA
    *dawn & dusk (2020) by mxmtoon
    Spotify Singles (2020) by Tate McRae
    GIRL ON TV (2020) by chloe moriondo
    Let Me Feel Low (2020) by Cavetown
    Therefore I Am (2020) by Billie Eilish
    Pride (2020) by Noah Kahan featuring mxmtoon

    Man's World (2020) by MARINA
    two queens in a king sized bed (2020) by girl in red
    Where the Poison Is (2020) by FINNEAS
    r u ok (2020) by Tate McRae
    BOYSHIT (2020) by Madison Beer
    there were 0 new releases this month what's up with that
    anyways nov and dec were all brainrot so there wasn't much music

    musicals / cast recordings:

    *Chaplin: The Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
    Little Shop of Horrors (The New Off-Broadway Cast Album)
    Matilda: The Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
    Matilda: The Musical (Original London Cast Recording)
    Aladdin (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

    Hadestown (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
    36 Questions: Songs From Act I
    36 Questions: Songs From Act II
    36 Questions: Songs From Act III
    *Emojiland: The Musical (Original Cast Recording)

    Newsies (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

    Tuck Everlasting (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
    Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

    35MM: A Musical Exhibition (2012) by Ryan Scott Oliver

    podcasts (spotify)

    21 days with mxmtoon by mxmtoon and Spotify Studios

    36 Questions: the Musical Podcast by Two-Up

    march, april, may
    How To Be More Chill by Little Known Facts / YesBroadway

    The Webtoon Room by thewebtoonroom
    JUST the hooky episode i could not care less about the rest of the podcast

    this year sucked but at least there was cool music
    spotify wrapped annotation


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