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    Y$l $teez Letter from Slime

    STEEZ ?‍
    Call up somebody i think i need help
    Just had a long talk w myself
    Just told myself i need women weed wealth
    Bet that ain’t no good for my health

    Need a women for the times i get lonely
    But ima spark up when she start acting funny
    At tht point i get upset n grumpy
    Roll one more start thinking bout money
    Shit n death
    But really i just wan be the best
    Unlike y’all niggas cause niggas be pests
    Got a new bitch fell in love w a vet
    N the way i flexin the ice on my neck
    If u ain’t a steppa boy u gon stepped on
    Play ya part bae i’ll gеt u a telfar
    Stay w steppas like this stomp thе yard
    Gang know the game we play it like it’s tron
    Don’t u dare play cause i’ll take it too far
    I’m just tryna be a star
    Girl why u leave u gone miss the part
    Iso love reading the stars
    He told me i’m destined i can’t bait my dawg
    Structured up this empire won’t fall
    God willing we gon take it all
    Foreign b in love w the way tht i ball
    If she solid she in foreign cars
    Got a broad to take care of my broads
    Took it too far if u couldn’t catch on
    Hold up
    Ppl be flawed i could never be fake
    Take me for me or go w ya day
    Got a stick w some tits call her bae
    New bitch fell in love w my ways
    If we catch an opp shit erupt no pompeii
    Take ya time, for ya turn gotta wait
    But yk every dog has its day
    N u gotta learn rome wasn’t built in a day
    So run along run along
    Don’t call my phone im not home
    Leave me lone girl begone
    Can’t see im in my zone
    Im not a clone u can’t play me wenever u want
    Im no flintstone i can’t go like im dumb
    If u ever step up yk imma dump
    I got options i can dump w my pump or the drum
    Tht shit go rumpumbumpum
    Just show me ya heart i can't deal w no phony
    Last bitvh i fucked w she went on n sold me
    After all of tht shit tht u told me
    She told me she love me i told her to hold it
    She asked for my heart told her tht shit is frozen
    But it’s broken
    Im not open
    To new love man i think tht shit is bogus
    Ex bitch stole my heart hocus pocus
    New bitch study love shes so goated
    She learned slimelove n don’t kno it
    My bby learning shit she growing

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    Y$L $teez - Y$l $teez Letter from Slime lyrics
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