Young Slo-Be - Ouweee Lyrics
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    [Intro: Young Slo-Be]
    (Legend made another one, another one)
    Ayy (It's the gang)

    [Verse 1: Young Slo-Be]
    Pull up on a bad bitch like, "How you doing?" Nigga
    Bitch, I'm Piru, aye, I'm a rude nigga
    21, full court press, how you do it, nigga?
    Nigga, pass the pole if you ain't gon shoot the nigga
    Aye, aye, baby, wait your turn
    Now I'm in a bitch face like, "Bitch, what you earn?"
    Twenty, forty, fifties, bitch, this ain't enough
    Baby, I'ma cut you off since you acting tough
    Oowee, get these niggas out the politics
    [?] fumble in the field, you known for dropping shit
    Ain't nobody in your crew known for popping shit
    Look nigga, I'm in contact with the jailbirds
    We know niggas slide last 'cause they tell first
    Yeah, I know you don't love your homie 'cause thе bail [?]
    Got a couple packs, I'ma send it through the mail first, mail first, mail first
    Oowee, gеt these niggas out the politics
    Fuck the suckers, the feds love us and it's obvious
    I don't even wanna rap, I'd rather knock a bitch
    Here I go talking brazy
    Look, nigga, you got some niggas that ain't getting out
    Why you tripping, nigga? You got away with your lil skit
    I know, I smoke dope so I don't remember it
    Ayy (It's the gang)
    Oowee, get these, man, I'm gone, nigga

    [Verse 2: DaBoii]
    Get 'em then I'm gone, nigga
    On me, nah, for sure, nigga
    Nigga run up on me like he tweaking, I'ma show niggas
    [?] like the [?], nigga
    My bitch don't wear COACH, nigga
    And you ain't gon' do shit with that lil strap but you just boast with it
    Yeah, we call the opps LOLs 'cause they jokes, nigga
    Boy, don't bring no extra niggas 'round me, them is your niggas
    Which gun I wanna rock today? I eeny, miny, moe with it
    Nigga keep saying he gon' do what? He off coke, nigga, yeah
    Keep saying you gon' do what? Why you lying, Craig?
    Bitch, what I spent on my neck, I could buy a Vette
    Fuck these lil niggas shooting at? Nigga, find a net
    Let a nigga speak up on my brother, bitch, you dying next
    Yeah, and, bitch, we coming for your top, we don't shoot knees
    It's a thousand dollars for a pair of shoes, but they 23s
    Bitch couldn't have the old me or the new me
    On FaceTime with Slo with a dub, he like, "Oowee," nigga

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