YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Whatever I Say Lyrics
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    Whatever I Say

    Lyrics from Snippet

    I need to speak to Mike Laury
    Let's do it nigga
    Yeah, you got Mike Laury
    Dubba-AA flexin'
    Whatever I, I
    This is the sound
    She gon' do whatever I say (Let's go)
    They gon' shoot at whatever I say (Let's go)

    [Verse 1]
    Could tell real from fake
    And I can say that spirit ain't nowhere inside of her body
    Plenty money, steady comin'
    Dressed in all black like I'm Illuminati
    Done time through the city
    Movin 'round chasin' money, I'ma clock it
    Hundred rounds in the Civic
    Hundred grand up inside of my pocket
    Tearin' the car up, tryna make sure none make it out
    I'm who bringin' it in, in a drought
    .45, close malls soon as I whip this bitch out
    Ain't no way, ain't no aim, hit, spark
    She know that I'm ballin'
    And she know I'm gon' take some off
    But she just want sit 'round me
    And with me, help me take it off
    Northside where you can meet me, know
    Nine out of ten where your life get gone
    Ten out of ten where your soul get stole
    Guaranteed fact, you ain't makin' it home
    Rare young nigga, can't never be cloned
    Shorty wit' a nigga 'til the bag all gone
    .40 steady clickin 'til the bang out end
    Fuck with you, I'm with you through right or wrong

    My space, dangerous I can't have you 'round
    Tracin' kisses on your body, found all over
    My DNA left all over
    No need in wonderin' where I be
    In the streets, you can find me
    With gunners right behind me
    Shooters move out for what I think
    Or where I point or where I say
    Or figure or I think (I say or think)

    [Verse 2]
    They gon' shoot where I point or wherever I say
    It don't matter...


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