Youth Soul Love - MONEY AND D'EVILS (OUTRO) Lyrics
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    [Intro: Ray Liotta]
    When you're up, it's never as good as it seems
    And when you're down, you never think you're gonna be up again
    But life goes on, remember that
    Money isn't real, George

    [Spoken Verse]
    Money and the evils
    You know, I was, I was, I was reading something the other day and it said, uh
    "You must learn to get in touch with the innermost essence of your being
    The true essence is beyond the ego
    It is fearless, it is free
    It is immune to criticism
    It does not fear any challenge
    It is beneath no one
    It's appeared in no one
    And full of magic, mystery, and enchantment"
    Access to your true essence will also give you insight into the mirror of a relationship
    Because all relationship is a reflection of your relationship with yourself
    For example, if you have guilt, fear, or insecurities over money or success or anything else
    Then these are reflections of guilt, fear, or insecurities on basic aspects of your personality
    No amount of money or success will solve the basic problems of existence
    Only intimacy with the self will bring about true healing
    And when you are grounded in the knowledge of your true self
    When you really understand the true nature
    You would never feel guilty, fearful, or insecure about money
    Affluence or fulfilling your desires
    Because you will realize that the essence of all material wealth is life energy
    It is pure potentiality
    And pure potentiality is your intrinsic nature
    It's all love
    Money and the evils, evils


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