Yung Crusha - Bugs Bunny (MultiVersus Rap) Lyrics
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    Bugs Bunny (MultiVersus Rap)

    Insta lock the bunny
    Shit ain't funny
    Double rocket junkie
    Hit you with the down safe
    I'm underground boutta catcha case
    Throw a hundred pies swear this shit is cake
    When they meet the mallet they gone pray for grace
    Used to main Finn, ah thanks for the free win
    Had to upgrade, upgrade to the next gen
    Me my bro like tom jerry he reel em in
    Tennis racket to the face then meet my bat again
    I'm stacking elo swish like free throw bugs my necesito
    In my own league bro got charisma got the charm
    I feel the wisdom luck like rabbits foot
    If you can't find me ya better look
    Volley ball the way I spike em all’
    I leave em all shook
    (Volley ball the way I spike em all’
    I leave em all shook)
    Don’t matter Trophies Ddge, Batcave, Finn’s home
    That's my space
    Mass murder say what's up doc
    Bread and butter mission neva stop
    On top
    Bugs Bunny that's on top
    Yung Crusha that's on top
    One thing I ain't do


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