Yung Gravy - Feel Like Prince Lyrics
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    Feel Like Prince

    [Intro: Yung Gravy]
    ​d.a. got that dope
    Woo! Woo! Woo!
    Playa, woah! Playa, ayy! Playa, ayy!
    Yeah-yeah, ayy! Woah! Ayy, yeah-yeah!

    [Verse 1: Yung Gravy]
    I feel like a prince when I back in Minnesota
    Green and red Gucci on me, feeling like a Joker
    Feel like Chief Keef when I'm riding [?] rover
    I feel like I’m you every time your bitch come over
    I'm back in the kitchen, she [?] on my pigeon
    Full my position, I got [?] money decisions (ayy, ayy)
    [?] my life like a mission
    Smash your bitch: "nine-one-one, it's been a collision" (ayy, ayy)
    I’m losing my vision [?]
    Bitch it's Yung Gravy, I got the sauce by definition

    [Pre-Chorus: Yung Gravy]
    Get money! Stack bread!
    Stack cheese! Mozza-rella!

    [Verse 2: Unknown Artist]


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