Yung Tax Collector - RUBBERDUCKY Lyrics
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    Yeah, see, y'all- y'all, y'all ain't even paying attention to my music anymore (They don't! Like, why don' they?)
    That's apparent. Y'all just don't care about my music (It doesn't make sense)
    But, you know, I'ma keep putting out songs, 'cause I like doing it (I- I bet)
    So y'all can listen to this, if not, then y'all can go listen to Harry Styles or whatever y'all listen to (Yeah, that's [?])

    [Artist Tag]
    Ayo Don? Ayo Don!

    Keep Bibles adjacent
    Kill beats like I'm Jason
    I'm fly like a raven
    You dry like a raisin
    I'm hot like some bacon
    Yo girl she try datin'
    Got bread like I'm bakin'
    I don't mess with Satan
    I can rap but I'm ugly
    God say that He love me
    Got drip like somе bubbly
    My scars be all touchy
    Pull up like some Huggiеs
    Got drip, rubber ducky
    The devil be fussy
    Nah, we can't be buddies
    It's so cold outside got my coat on like Kenny
    I don't sip patron and I do not sip Henny
    I don't got no money, I don't got no pennies
    I do not wear Gucci, I do not wear Fendi
    Thumb through the racks while I do the division
    YTC, it's ya boy on a mission
    I'm breakin' ankles like my name CoryxKenshin
    My middle name start with "W" 'cause I'm winnin'
    My music fire, that's guarantee
    My fit be lookin' like Pharisee
    I be real sweet like Sara Lee
    This real music, not a parody
    Finessed you already, no need for apology
    I'm philosophical, just call me Socrates
    Usin' my head, yeah, just like lobotomy
    I follow Jesus, I don't do no sodomy
    You say that I'm trash, boy, I think you just buggin'
    I sip holy water, don't sip robitussin
    I don't take no "L"s, bruh, I'm steady dubbin'
    I'm stayin' pure, so I don't do no huggin'
    You want the smoke, but I do not be vapin'
    Got ice on my wrist, boy, it feel like I'm skatin'
    The devil be robbin', son, but his name not Nathan
    I'm keepin' it real while these broke boys be fakin'
    Pull up in all black, I feel like Darth Vader
    Jesus love me so you know I love haters
    Got the heat, like I'm cookin' up taters
    Dunder Mifflin, ya boy gettin' paper
    You makin' me sick, I call you an allergy
    Say that she love me, I know that a fallacy
    Jesus my teacher, my church is academy
    Only speak truth, that's foreign like Japanese
    I gotta dip like, "Where is the exit?"
    Split up from sin, yeah, just like Brexit
    Made another one just like Jetson
    Swift like a fox, I'm not talkin' Megan
    Yo music stink, yo album full diaper
    You stealin my style, I call you the Swiper
    Run to the bag, I feel like a hiker
    I got the drip, just like a geyser
    My fit lookin' fresh, I pull up in Forces
    Tribe be on the move, galloping like horses
    Fighting these demons, it's boutta get morbid
    Finna wipe out like obstacle courses
    I preach to the streets, you preach to the choir
    Smokey the bear, my music is fire
    Got the heat, like I'm up in the dryer
    I plan for the future, you stress about prior
    Just like some braces, I gotta get straight
    You countin' mistakes while I'm countin' up cake
    Satan tryna poison, that boy a disgrace
    I got on my crocs, I don't got no Bape
    Yeah, I like to move it, call me King Julien
    Up in the party, yeah I pull out my toolie then
    Go ham on my demons, I'm in the looney bin
    These lames be fake, yeah, I call them pseudonyms


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