ZOTiYAC - Real Stupid Lyrics
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    Real Stupid

    Nigga yeah it's your time
    I skin a nigga with this bitch and do the murk time
    Baby drac get a gut feelin' I burnt mine
    Your bitch get in the way, she gon' go with you it's her time (I'll pop that bitch)
    Aye he in his first line
    If you really drivin' shit, you can't forget your first time
    'member all them long nights in the alley them the worst times
    While bagging eighty fees up that's when my niggas used to serve dime
    White folks tryin' to kick it inside the hood
    We was terrorizing
    Had to see if niggas really good, we just verified em
    Pull up wit' a drum on thе gun bitch the snare dropped еm
    Went to sleep and had a nightmare cause I ain't headshot em
    But the nigga ain't want the next problem
    It ain't no recovery you only get this bed option
    I was lookin' for him, know he happy that the feds got him
    Hate shit, I know he right there, but I'mma red dot him
    Fuck, I be really tweakin'
    Nigga just get at me, don't go public if we really beefin'
    Ran into a opp said some shit but he ain't really mean it
    Bro without an armor got to shootin cause he really feindin'
    Pop a nigga right in front his bitch, yeah she really seen it
    Chloroform on his bitch sleepin', but tell her she was really dreamin' ha
    Bitch I'm a real demon
    I dropped that foo like last week and that nigga still leanin'
    I got caught slippin' up in the streets, but niggas wasn't built decent
    They weren't gon' drill shit, niggas pussy that's the real reason
    Aye, till I get back I can't feel decent
    Nigga urving nigga, you don't want me in your field creepin'
    When you see the gun smoke clear, see the steel leakin'
    Techs n fortys in the respiratory how he still breathin'
    Cole cock the heater, make a nigga get them chills easy
    I clip wings yeah I Popeyes bitch I'm real greasy
    Body snatch a nigga with this Kel, bitch I steal people
    Lurkin' with a thompson, I fuck around and kill Kenan
    Pop out with some gloves and a shotty and get real even
    Took ten pints of blood out his body, and he still bleedin'
    Nigga, and I'm still shootin'
    Reaper in the night
    Inject the eye because it fill fluid
    Popped you ten times, why the fuck is you still movin'
    Lost an arm and leg for the shit but I'm still movin'
    I hit your head with this bitch make you feel stupid
    I'mma put the work in with this lead, you the real student
    You gon' toss some shit, and get this Tec yeah that's real hoopin'
    Mac 10 spit on niggas necks, that's a real lugey
    My brah already put one on these yeeky I'mma still use it
    I'mma till you die, while you dead, and you still do it nigga
    Pop a nigga make him feel stupid
    Fucked her in the mouth hit a nerve now she feel stupid


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